Waterloo Baptist Church supports several foreign and domestic missionaries and missions organizations, including:
New Hope Ministries – Vietnam
Paul Victor – India
Paul Scott – Southeast Asia
Joe Lee – Navajo tribes in New Mexico – https://www.bmm.org/ministries/native-american-ministries/
Bill and Jen Morlang – Papua New Guinea – http://www.ntm.org/bill_morlang
Rene and Sonia Einfeldt – South Africa http://rands-in-rsa.weebly.com/
New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms – www.nycfpac.com
New York Family Research Foundation – www.newyorkfamilies.org
Family Hope Center – www.imightbepregnant.com
National Center for Law and Liberty – http://www.ncll.org/
Christian Law Association – http://www.christianlaw.org/cla/
Shepherd’s Ministries – http://www.shepherdsministries.org/