Waterloo Baptist Church
Bulletin for the Weekend of March 27-28, 2020
HI everyone,
We are planning to do a parking lot hymn sing on April 26 at 9 AM. Don’t miss this announcement. Bad weather might cancel this.
There will be a sermon on line for you to watch at home or at your leisure.
ANNOUNCEMENT #2. We are doing some “Christmas” caroling. it is actually a small group going around and singing hymns to people who could use the encouragement. We sang to Hazel and several others last week. If you want to be a part of this, let me (pastor know) We are trying to keep the group small so that we can maintain social distancing.
ALSO if you can think of someone that you think would appreciate being sung to, let me know. We may have them already on the list. But I do not mind redundancy.
#3. I want you all to know how pleased I am with this church. So many of you are doing outreach to others. So many of you are giving. That includes your offerings. Some churches have seen a drop in giving; We have not. (I know that that can change)
#4. Zoom prayer meeting is going well. As well as can be expected of a church with a technically challenged pastor. I am sending out invitations to this by every Wednesday morning. It contains a link to click on. I am trying to figure out how to do a link for phone only for those of you who do not have a smart phone. Zoom makes this possible but I don’t know how to share the link.
#5. Don’t forget to send me prayer request that you want shared or private just to me. if you want it private please say so.
#6. Pray for me, My brain is often on overload with all the information AI am getting. and new methods we are doing. Please forgive me if I miss something.
#7. The state and the federal government are in disagreement over whether churches should meet in any way. The US attorney general has made it plain that churches can not be quarantined. They are asking that we maintain social distancing and other practical measures We totally agree with being careful.
May God bless you,
Pastor Dave
Waterloo Baptist Church
Bulletin for the Weekend of March 27-28, 2020



I would like to thank everyone for their faithful support, participation and encouragement during this crisis.

I have been awed by how so many of you have taken the initiative to care for each other, to care for the church, and to care for others.  GOD BLESS YOU.

Please, if you need help, prayer, and/or encouragement, call me, or one of the deacons, or someone you trust within the church. WE WANT TO HELP.

I want to thank you for financially supporting the church throughout this time.  We are receiving your offerings by mail at PO Box 108, Waterloo, NY 13165. If you desire to give cash, please call one of the deacons to arrange to have it picked up, rather than send it through the mail. You can also give on the church website (waterloobaptistchurch.org) by clicking on the green GIVE button on the bottom of every page. It costs the church less in transfer fees if you use a bank transfer rather than a credit card; but either will do.

A video recording of each week’s Sunday service will be on the home page of the church website. We are still learning to do this so they may not always make it up on time.

You can also go to “Resources” at the top of any page on the website, select “weekly messages” and find the current message in both audio and video, as well as older messages in audio format. Select the message you want and select the audio or video icon on the right side of the message list. This will be the message only and will not include any testimonies or announcements.

I am also doing a short (5-10 minutes) daily video blog; a vlog.  It has a devotional message for each day. You can access this by going to YouTube, and in the search bar typing “David Underwood Sabbath”.  That will take you to the first video I posted. The videos are also available on my Facebook page. A link to these will be provided on the church website in the near future.

Thank you, and God bless you,

Pastor Dave Underwood

Waterloo Baptist Church
Bulletin for the Weekend of March 20-22
In this time of change we here at WBC are going to learn new ways to care for each other, to fellowship, to be one in Christ. Adapting can be hard, or it can be fun as we discover new things.
We are looking for volunteers to call the senior citizens in our church on a regular basis to be sure they are provided for. If you are already contacting some people, please let Pastor Dave know who you are calling, so he knows they are taken care of. If you are a senior, and don’t wish to be called please let Pastor Dave know this.
Some of our Seniors do not have the internet. If you are willing to contact them, share a laptop,or in some way help them view the weekly message, let Pastor Dave know or if there is an interest, we can show the message at the church at an appointed time, keeping the number under 10.
We are continuing to have Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 6:30, being aware of social distance while we pray. If you plan to attend, let Pastor Dave know so that we can keep the numbers under 10.
We will be emailing a weekly “Church News and Notes” with more personal details (prayer concerns that are not on prayer chain, who may need a phone call & how to contact them, etc) If you have something you want included in that please let Pastor Dave know.
If you have email, and are not getting the church news, let Pastor Dave know.
The Prayer Chain is active for those concerns within the immediate church family.
We are putting together a phone list of those not on the Prayer Chain so they can be aware of concerns.
We are working on putting information, as well as weekly messages, on line. Our webpage is waterloobaptistchurch.org.
Donations and giving can be mailed to the church at PO Box 108, Waterloo 13165.
If you want to give cash, please call one of the Deacons and they will come pick it up